Sylvia Denburg: Quiche ii

Sylvia Denburg: Quiche ii

Weaving Geographies focuses on the practice of weaving and its link to nature and community through the works of Guatemalan artist Sylvia Denburg and Colombian artist Monika Bravo.

From a traditional craft process, the creative work of indigenous South American women, transforms itself in a healing process and a symbolic thread that unifies regional communities suffering political conflicts and geographical antagonisms.

Sylvia Denburg’s tapestry is the aesthetic, colourful representation of the aerial view of some Guatemalan highlighted areas, in which ethnic identity and conflict are complexly embedded within a dynamic systems of class- and race-based geopolitics.

Monika Bravo’s Urumu [Weaving_Time] is a video installation that rapidly envelops the viewer in textile. Intermittently, across three walls (the entirety of the viewer’s field of perception), “threads” shoot up and down creating a virtual warp. At the same time and with the same irregular rhythm, weft “threads” move left and right, creating a weave. The resulting graphic “woven” image appears to constitute a text written in an unknown foreign language.

Venue: Ground Floor, Lourdes Apartments, North End Road, London W14 9NU

For more information: The Triad