Grey Madder (detail) - Pamela Fieldman

Grey Madder (detail) – Pamela Fieldman

If you are a dyer you may want to check out the US based Turkey Red Journal. Its a free online journal all about natural dyes and dyeing.

The Turkey Red Journal was started in the spring of 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, after a number of local dyers formed a natural dye study group.  The focus was to create a venue for natural dyers from all over the world to be able to share ideas and information.  Since that time, 30 issues have been printed, sent out to over a hundred and twenty subscribers, with artists all over the world sharing their work and knowledge with the readers.

This issue (Fall 2016) features Growing a Dye Garden and A Dyer Botanist’s Garden among other things.

Articles are submitted from all over the world by people who are willing to share their work and knowledge and it makes for fascinating and very educational reading.

The site also has a section with archived copies and with so little written on dyeing this is a fantastic resource. You can also get paper copies of the journal by request.

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