The Weaver’s Apprentice exhibition at Dovecot; from the founding weavers who lost their lives in World War 1 100 years ago, to the current apprentice who builds on the legacy of six generations of weaver’s apprentices before him.

The exhibition tells the story of the importance of apprenticeships at Dovecot, featuring details from the organisation archive, as well as historic and current works.

A key part of the exhibition will tell the story of the founding weavers and apprentices at Dovecot. The loss of the two founding master weavers, John ‘Jack’ Glassbrook and Gordon Berry, during World War 1 in 1917 might have seen the end of Dovecot before it had fully begun, but the young apprentices Ronald Cruickshank, Richard Gordon and David Lindsay Anderson returned to continue weaving at the studio. A new group of apprentices was recruited after 1919 and the cycle of activity at the studio continued.

The exhibition includes the loan of The Chace from Hampshire Cultural Trust – a tapestry produced by Morris & Company and woven by Dovecot’s founding weavers after their own apprenticeships with William Morris. Another key work in the exhibition is the earliest surviving apprentice piece from the studio – on loan from the National Museums Scotland (A.1981.164) – offers a fascinating glimpse into the founding of Dovecot. It was woven by one of Dovecot’s first apprentices, Richard
Gordon, under the instruction of the founding weavers, Glassbrook and Berry. Gordon was one of the apprentices who returned from the Great War to continue the The Lord of the Hunt tapestry that was halted in 1916 when the last remaining weavers went off to fight. The tapestry was finally finished in 1924, and has hung at Mount Stuart ever since, and some of its own story will also be uncovered in the exhibition.

Dovecot Apprenticeship
Dovecot’s three-year Apprenticeship is open to applicants over the age of 16 offering a unique opportunity to learn from Dovecot’s Master Weavers. As a world leader in tapestry weaving, Dovecot Tapestry Studio is dedicated to the continued development of this highly skilled art form, ensuring that the skill of tapestry weaving continues to thrive as a dynamic and evolving process. Through hands-on learning experiences, the unique and exceptional skills are passed from Dovecot Master Weaver to Apprentice, building expertise for the future.

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