Anna-Louise Meynell will be visiting the London Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers on 8th July to talk about the Eri Silk Artisans of North-East India.

She will be talking about the creative process of this little known  ‘peace silk’ from cocoon to cloth, and the culture of the Khasi people of Meghalaya.

The woolly white silk is referred to as the fabric of peace because it is processed without killing the silkworm.

Anna-Louise is currently researching the cultural significance of eri silk hand weaving in Meghalaya, North East India and the community approach to preservation of this artisanal heritage.

There is a small attendance fee to cover speakers’ fees and the cost of the hall, currently £3.50 for members, free for students, £7.00 for other guests.

Doors open at 1.30pm and talk begins at 2.30pm.

Venue: the basement of St Stephen’s House, 48 Emperor’s Gate, London SW7