Textile Futures – Technology, Materials and Preservation

The conference will examine recent advances in textile design, materials and technology, considering emerging ideas and approaches that may change the way we design, make, use and preserve textiles in the future.

The organisers are The Textile Society which  is a unique forum for textile professionals and enthusiasts. The Society promotes the study of textile disciplines and celebrates the history and culture of textiles, both traditional and contemporary.


Our keynote speaker is Janis Jefferies, Professor of Visual Arts and Research at Goldsmiths, University of London. Janis will be speaking on her research that examines the relationship between culture and technology, including wearable devices as ‘intelligent textiles’.

Dr Kate Lloyd from the textile industry organization
‘Textile Intelligence’, will be speaking on thermochromics and advances in textile print technology.

Dr Celina Jones from the University of Manchester, will be discussing her research on textile printing and sustainability, looking at low impact techniques, new ways of distressing denim, and reducing the use of colourants in textiles.

We will also be joined by Anne French, Textile Conservator and Collections Care Manager at the Whitworth Art Gallery, speaking on the challenges of conserving increasingly complex textile materials for the future, and

Professor Carole Collet from Central Saint Martins, speaking about her work with the design & living systems lab, biotextiles and the advantages of biological tools for a more sustainable textile future.

Venue: Wellcome Conference Centre
Euston Road, London (Op Euston Rail station)

More information: The Textile Society