The next Tapestry Interest Group meeting will focus on 3D Pod Weaving.
As time is limited we will focus on getting established and to the point where you can continue at home with the notes provided.
Please bring with you a pre-warped frame large enough to accommodate a 40cm weaving height. Set up warp in normal way up to and including twinning. No need to weave a header as this will impede warp pulling at the end. Warp should be 12cms wide. Sett is your choice but the finer it is the more of a shape you can achieve. I would go for at least 3epc with weft to match.
You will also need Needle + thread to sew cartoon to weaving if want to; Paper scissors to cut out templates; and a table clamp for your frame.

All are welcome but this is not suitable for beginners.

please email

Tapestry Interest Group Meeting, Saturday 10 March, 11:00 to 13:30