Spinning Special Interest Group

The Spinning Special Interest Group meets four times each year; February, May, August and November, at 11:00 on the Saturday mornings preceding the afternoon Guild meetings.

These session discuss the techniques of spinning and dyeing including fibre preparation and processing fleece.

At each session we gather around a table to discuss a topic – which may include practical demonstrations and that all can join in. From some of these sessions we may try to make progress with techniques or ideas at home before the next session when problems are analysed and suggestions are welcomed from the other members as to how to overcome these.

We all agree that these sessions are of great benefit and we learn much from each other. It is also the only time the widest possible spectrum of spinners of the Guild can meet together. New members are particularly welcome and the sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn techniques from the more experienced spinners.

Contact spinners@londonguildofweavers.org.uk for more details.