Soft Engineering Textiles Take Shape Exhibition

Sunday 28th April from 10am to 4pm
The workshops will all take place concurrently in the activity space – a hub of inspiration!

Knitting in 3D Alison Ellen
Any shape, flat or 3D, can be knitted. It is an ideal creative, flexible technique for building shapes, using straightforward techniques such as increasing, decreasing, short row shaping, and picking up stitches to knit in different directions. This workshop can be attended with basic knitting skills, and after working on simple exercises, ideas can be developed for hats, bags, garments or sculptural shapes. Please bring a variety of yarns and knitting needles, including double-ended needles, and a crochet hook, but these will also be available to borrow. Workshop: £45

An introduction to Ply-Split Braiding Julie Hedges
Using prepared 4 ply cotton cords, you will learn some of the basic methods of ply-split braiding that have been used traditionally to make camel girths and animal harnesses. You will make samples of several different designs and will see how these techniques can be developed into usable items by reference to my collection of samples and finished pieces. There will be a discussion on the choice of yarn for ply- splitting and a demonstration of the all-important cord making process. Workshop: £45 Gripfid will be available on loan. Gripfid to buy: £12

Weaving Taking Shape Ann Richards and Deirdre Wood
In weaving, various textures and shapes can be created through the interplay between the structure of interlacing warp and weft, and the properties of the yarns. In this workshop we will be using simple equipment to explore these possibilities. You will learn how to make a warp and set up a backstrap loom, which can be used to weave narrow strips of cloth suitable for a variety of items, including bracelets, table mats and wall-hangings. Workshop: £45 Weaving kit will be available on loan. Weaving kit to buy: £10

Whitchurch Silk Mill
28 Winchester Street
RG28 7AL