Honeycomb Hybrids: Honeycomb For All Tastes by Stacey Harvey-Brown is a technical weaving book uncovering the many facets of honeycomb (also known as distorted weft).

It should make a useful addition to your weaving library providing you with lots of ways of creating interesting surfaces and shapes in weave with the effective use of the simple structures.

The chapters are :

1:      Traditional – With a Twist

2:      Sugar Spun – Lace

3:      Honey-glazed Ribs – Warp and Weft

4:      Layer Cake – Double and Tubular Cloth

5:      Honey Hybrid – Deflected Double Weave

6:      Honeycomb Turned

The book is 142 pages long with many drafts and photographs and is available as a print-on-demand book and as a pdf.

Price: Print-on-demand – £32.00, PDF – £25.00

For further details and to purchase this book visit: The Loom Room