A workshop by Katie Sawyer. Learn all about the amazing nettle plant and how to make your very own needle thread.

This short course will teach you the history and mythology of the nettle, why the archaeology of textiles matter, and how to make nettle thread using Bronze Age (2500-500 BCE) techniques. This amazing plant can be used as food, dye, fabric and medicine, and appears in fairy tales such as ‘The Wild Swans’, where a princess must break a spell by weaving eleven nettle shirts. In this course, you will only have to make thread!

Katie Sawyer is a freelance textile archaeologist. She works in museums and heritage, and enjoys many textile crafts including nalbinding, nettle fabric, plant dyeing and historic costuming.

Cost is £12.50 + £1.79 fees.  For more details and how to book follow the link.