Mel Sweetnam, of Mamie’s Schoolhouse, is a natural dye educator and ecological fibre artist. She spent 25 years managing public science policy for various governments, and applies her keen interest in experimentation and scientific evidence to her natural dye practice. She’s been a natural dyer for close to 40 years, and teaches a range of courses online and in person that share the rich history, artistry, and applied chemistry of this ancient craft. She also runs the Natural Dye Education Facebook Group.
While Mel grows and uses a number of classic dye plants from around the world, she is also a keen forager of local dye species. Learning to identify, responsibly forage, and use species that grow in the temperate regions of the world is a way of connecting intimately with our local life support system, and an opportunity to cultivate a unique, regionally specific colour ‘terroir’. In this talk, Mel will provide an overview of species found in most temperate areas of the world that are very useful in fibre preparation (scouring and mordanting), and will share examples of the beautiful dyes that can be extracted from our local ecosystems.

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