Starting with yarn selection followed by warp making, you’ll learn basic weave structures all the way through to finishing techniques. You’ll finish the course with a collection of fabric samples, designed and woven with your own hands.

Course structure:

Day one: looking at your visual research and selecting appropriate yarns before making warps.
Day two: loom dressing – getting your warps onto a loom and threading.
Day three: basic weave structures.
Day four: personalising the weave structures.
Day five: complete weaving and finishing techniques.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand how a woven structure is created
  • have a vocabulary of weaving terminology
  • understand how different yarns react to one another
  • know how to dress a loom
  • know how to weave

Techniques taught include:

  • yarn selection
  • warp design and making
  • loom dressing
  • woven structures – weaving
  • finishing techniques

More information: Introduction to Weaving