INDIGO SUTRA celebrates Indigo, the world’s oldest, most widely used and unique dyestuff, and the only natural blue dye. It takes its very name from ‘India’.

Indigo, grown and used for millennia in the Subcontinent, was also a major export. It almost died out in the later 19th and early 20th century, due to peasant revolts against forced cultivation and the discovery of synthetic indigo in Germany.

INDIGO SUTRA is a milestone project, using expertise and guidance of top scholars, academics and practitioners of indigo from across the world.

The event will focus on the production and use of natural indigo, with seminars, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, discussion forums, documentary film shows, sale of indigo based textile and other products. Optional excursions to weaving and dyeing centres and other places of interest are also being planned.

INDIGO SUTRA will be held in Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata from 9th – 11th November, 2017.

The three day event will comprise of seminar, workshops on indigo dyeing, demonstrations, exhibitions, films and Grand bazaar. There will be optional textile tours before and after the dates mentioned above.

More information: Sutra Textile Studies