South Korean tapestry weaver, Soon Yul Kang, and other artists and performers from teh Korean Artists Association will be taking part in an exhibition and performance at the Korean Cultural Centre in the Strand this January.

The Korean Artists Association UK (KAA) presents its annual exhibition and performance at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in January 2017. The title of the exhibition and performance is ‘I, Kid ?????’. The exhibition and performance of ‘I, Kid’ displays the artists’ reflection of nostalgic memories of their childhood and a glimpse of who they are now. Their stories tell something personal and Korean, yet universal for us to share.

The exhibition presents 10 exciting new artworks by 18 Korean artists, including 7 guest artists. The display forms and media of the artworks vary greatly from traditional painting to cutting-edge virtual reality. On the opening day of the exhibition, 10 talented performing artists, including 3 guest performers, will present reflective works on their childhood.

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