A brand-new season of podcasts from Haptic and Hue about the different light textiles cast on the story of humanity. These podcasts look at life, death and all the fiddly bits in-between, through cloth. 

In this season each episode will look at a different feeling and unravel its story in fabric. The hand-weaver and broadcaster,  Jo Andrews, explores the way in which we use cloth to express some of our deepest emotions, from comfort blankets to mourning clothes, from national flags to memories of a first love. 

Series 2 covers feelings of Comfort, Transformation, Revival, Warmth, Pain, Belonging, Sorrow and Nostalgia. In doing this we travel from Tokyo to Cumbria, Bengal to Alabama and Ghana to North East Scotland, talking to actors, shepherds, conservators, quilt makers, costume designers, menders, psychiatrists, weavers and manufacturers. 

Episodes will be uploaded fortnightly from March 8th – June 17th. For the introduction to Season 2 and more information please see: www.hapticandhue.com/listen