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Spinning wheel suitable for a beginner and for flax

Does anyone have a spinning wheel they’d like to sell? I’ve been growing and processing flax in my little garden and I’ve reached the spinning stage. Quickly discovering that drop spindles are great but take forever, so looking to try a wheel.
I’ve heard wheels for flax are best with double drive and a distaff (though I could make my own distaff), but you may well know more than me about that.

If you have a spinning wheel for a flax-processing beginner with a small budget Kate would love to hear from you.

Louet Spring Loom

Before I order new, is anyone selling a secondhand Louet Spring Loom? I’m happy to take it immediately or in a few months’ time (when I’ll have more space!) I’m based in Staffordshire with no transport of my own, but I can arrange for courier pick up if the seller isn’t able to deliver. Thanks!

Please contact Kathryn Tomasetti, email: Kathryn