Co-led by textile artist Ali Holloway and artist Marcia Teusink

Taking found objects as a starting point, we will spend the day exploring colour, form and texture through mixed media compositions and small hand-woven artworks. In the first part of the workshop, we will guide you in transforming everyday objects–such as wrappers, old cans, plastics, broken ceramics or bits of fabric–into a variety of compositions using collage, watercolours, coloured pencils, oil pastels, etc. Having worked through at least a few possible solutions in mixed media, in the second phase of the workshop, you will transform your ideas into small woven textile pieces. These may take the form of incorporating actual objects into weavings, or weavings into objects, or more straight forward 2-D woven pieces on small weaving frames. This workshop is very open-ended, experimental, and fun! You will have expert guidance in colour and composition from the artists, and in weaving from Ali, and also be encouraged to play and find some new ways of working from found materials.

You should bring your own collection of found objects/materials, and we will have lots more on hand as well. All other materials are provided., as are tea, coffee and biscuits. Please bring your own packed lunch: we will break for an hour for lunch, and if the weather is nice, go eat in the park down the road. There are also shops nearby if you need to buy food.
Ali Holloway is a textile artist who shows widely in London and beyond, and who has her studio in Stoke Newington.
Marcia Teusink is a practising artist, educator and organiser of Draw London Art Workshops.
Booking is through the Draw London website.

10 am-4:30 pm
£70 includes tuition and materials