Dyeing Special Interest Group

The Dyeing Special Interest Group includes spinners, gardeners interested in growing dye plants and sharing seeds, others who are interested in learning more about record keeping, experimenters and chemists, and a allotmenters already growing a range of dye plants.

Meetings are held in March, June, September and December at 11:00 on the Saturday mornings preceding the afternoon Guild meetings.

The groups aims and objectives are:

  • To try dyeing with both natural and synthetic dyes
  • To develop a good record keeping method
  • To explore light fastness – which dyes work and which are the ‘faders’
  • To learn how to control dyeing for the results we want, e.g. even, nonblotchy dyeing
  • To experiment with techniques – solar dyeing, mud dyeing, shibori, ikat, warp painting – to name but a few
  • To collaborate on projects with other weavers or spinners
  • To take Health and Safety seriously, e.g. the safety of dye stuffs and mordants, safe disposal, etc.
  • To source, share and swap materials or seeds
  • Get out on visits and have fun

So far we have conducted our own ‘Kool-Aid Test’ and our first home dyeing project – dyeing with madder.

If you have any questions or would like to join us you can contact the co-ordinators at dyers@londonguildofweavers.org.uk

Dyers group meeting notes – June 2017