Do you practise a Heritage Craft? Would you benefit from travelling overseas to meet other people with the same specialism as you? Would sharing ideas, innovation and skills reinvigorate your work?

A Churchill Fellowship will give you that chance. You just need to demonstrate to us that you would be able to disseminate your new knowledge back in the UK for the improvement of your field. Additional funding for interpreters is available as part of this category.

Applications for Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships are made in partnership with the Heritage Crafts Association. These are a fantastic opportunity to travel abroad in order to study and inspire. Recipients last year included a dyer, stone carver, engraver, printer, weaver and instrument maker – the fellowships are a great opportunity and well worth applying for.

Applications for travel in 2017 are now open.

Apply before 5pm on 20th September 2016.

Further information: William Churchill Memorial Trust