Tapestry "altar" Mateja Rodi?ija in the process of weaving

Tapestry “altar” Mateja Rodi?ija in the process of weaving

Founded in the 1950s and housed in the 17th century, Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia, Atelje 61 is an outstanding centre of art textiles and tapestry work. Combining a weaving school, exhibition centre, and tapestry weaving community, the studio is a highly respected centre of Tapestry Art in Serbia and the Western Balkans.

The tapestry weaving workshop uses enormous vertical looms to produce their vast tapestry pieces. The relationship between artist and tapestry weaver is close and mutually respectful.  The focus of the weaving school is to preserve and popularise weaving as an old craft and modern art form. Both workshop and school promote the synthesis of weaving as an ancient craft and contemporary art.

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