The Atayal people of Taiwan are known for their ancient textile weaving traditions. Join Weavers Shu-li Lin and Hsiu-yu Chen for workshops and demonstrations exploring Atayal weaving techniques.
Weaver Shu-li Lin is based in Miaoli County, Taiwan. She studied the Atayal tradition of dyeing and weaving from the elders in her community preserving their traditional weaving skills and techniques. Combining Atayal dyeing skills with modern design elements in colour, texture and practice, her work explores environmental protection and sustainability.
Hsiu-yu Chen started weaving 12 years ago with hook and loom as a way to connect to her heritage and understand the experiences of the Atayal people who made clothes and quilts using this method. The process of collecting the raw material – ramie – and then harvesting, cutting and peeling it, was deeply ingrained in her memories from childhood.
Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture (M.O.C.) has been dedicated to promoting Taiwan’s art and culture since its establishment in 2012. The M.O.C. founded the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. in the same year as an overseas office to create opportunities to showcase their work to UK audiences.
The event is free. You don’t need a ticket. Part of London Craft Week.
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